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  • He looked quickly about the room and saw no sign of him.

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  • We feed these poor pilgrims a sordid mish-mash of religious concepts that they cannot understand, but that have a pleasant sound, although very little truth and less sincerity.

    Chugging beer: I hope Hogan Kid Bassey saw the fight, 'cause the deal was Moore gets the bantam elimination shot and I move up to the feathers and fight him.
  • It may be the Bubblies missed Mary the first time.

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    And speaking of cruelty, he asked himself, what of your own?

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  • And then, having glanced impatiently back towards the distant boats, he added, Besides, if they go round to Port-Louis, Sirius and Iphigenia will be no match for them, with Hamelin bringing his three frigates out.

  • It is a hard service, and it requires a hard discipline, repeated Pym, peering through his claret at the enormous joint.
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