• It will take more fireseed than Kalvan can make on this table, Ptosphes told him.

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    My wife is blonde. She gets a lot of blonde jokes. Most of them aren't funny. Including some of the ones I tell her. She is au natural blonde. So she has had a lifetime of listening to good and bad blonde jokes. Mostly bad. That's why I have developed this site. To only pass on the blonde jokes that pass muster with my wife. And I'll throw in a few other funny stuff too. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter. It's not a joke a day, every other day, or any timed pattern. We will send you something funny when we see something funny. Not before.

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    But the spectre of the dragon loomed somewhere up ahead.
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    At two in the morning the remainder of the crowd was sent home, and the lights were put out as the employees, having decided the clean-up could wait until the next morning, stumbled off to bed.
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