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My wife is blonde. She gets a lot of blonde jokes. Most of them aren't funny. Including some of the ones I tell her. She is au natural blonde. So she has had a lifetime of listening to good and bad blonde jokes. Mostly bad. That's why I have developed this site. To only pass on the blonde jokes that pass muster with my wife. And I'll throw in a few other funny stuff too. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter. It's not a joke a day, every other day, or any timed pattern. We will send you something funny when we see something funny. Not before.

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    The music came nearer and he recalled the words, the words of Shelley's fragment upon the moon wandering companionless, pale for weariness.
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    Old enough and bright enough, maybe, to spill some kerosene around a cheap liquor bottle, then light a candle, and put the candle in the middle of the kerosene.
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  • If all the matter in the universe began as hydrogen gas and ended as iron, then the nuclear energy released in that change (and that is the maximum nuclear energy available) is only one per cent of what you can get by letting that hydrogen fall together by gravity.
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  • LeClerque insists on knowing how you made the positive identification of the mold as extraterrestrial.
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